Discover the advanced wound care solutions offered by Convatec's Duoderm line. Duoderm is a trusted brand known for its effective and versatile wound dressings. Duoderm Extra Thin provides a discreet and flexible option for managing shallow wounds, while Duoderm CGF offers a unique ConvaTec Hydrocolloid formulation that helps support wound healing. Duoderm Gel is a clear, preservative-free gel that can be used to provide moisture to dry wounds or enhance the contact of Duoderm dressings with the wound bed.

With its innovative technology and proven performance, Duoderm dressings are designed to provide a moist wound environment, promote healing, and protect against external contaminants. Trust Convatec's Duoderm range for comprehensive wound care solutions. Explore the benefits of Duoderm dressings and experience reliable wound management for various types of wounds.