External Catheters

Experiencing urinary incontinence and looking for a non-invasive, comfortable, discreet, and cost-effective solution? Look no further—you’ve landed in the right place.

Condom catheters, also called external catheters, are commonly used by men with unmanageable urinary urgency or frequency, urinary incontinence, and/or issues with mobility.

These devices consist of a sheath that is rolled onto the penis like a condom and secured with an adhesive film or sheath straps at the base. The tip of the catheter connects to a tube, which drains into a leg bag where urine is collected. A StatLock stabilization device can be used (often in conjunction with straps applied below the knee) to secure the tube to the leg and prevent accidental catheter dislodgement and embarrassing leaks.

External catheters boast numerous benefits:

  • They are non-invasive—so they come with a MUCH lower risk of urinary tract infections (UTIs) than indwelling catheters.
  • They are disposable and can be easily removed or changed—so you can use them on YOUR schedule. Only need to wear it at night? No problem! Need one on 24/7? Just change it daily!
  • Many men find them to be an ideal alternative to indwelling catheters because they are more comfortable and convenient, less restrictive, and straightforward & easy to apply at home.

Drawbacks include the possibility of leakage or non-adherence with improper sizing and the potential for an allergic reaction to the catheter or adhesive. Fortunately, external catheters are available in various materials, including silicone, latex, and polyurethane. Silicone is an ideal option for men with sensitive skin or a latex allergy.

My Everything Store is a convenient one-stop shop for all of your external catheter needs. We carry every brand, style, and size on the market, along with all the accessories you need to make catheter use even easier. And we know that figuring out your size can be stressful and confusing (after all, no one wants leaks!)—but it doesn’t have to be this way. We have a sizing chart for each condom catheter we carry, along with style-specific instructions for use. 

Need samples or have questions? Don’t hesitate to reach out—our commitment to quality and customer service is unparalleled, and we’re always here for you.