Acapella Choice Flutter Valve Vibratory Pep Therapy System W/Video Request Card, >10L/Min

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SM 27-7000
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The acapella® Choice Vibratory PEP Therapy System is an innovative PEP (Positive Expiratory Pressure) therapy device, designed by Smiths Medical, to aid in the mobilization of pulmonary secretions. This acapella device offers vibratory PEP therapy, combining oscillating positive expiratory pressure with airway vibrations.

This acapella breathing device, also known as the acapella valve or portex acapella, allows users to inhale and exhale without removing it from their mouth, making it an ideal PEP device for COPD, asthma, and cystic fibrosis patients. It's also commonly known as an oscillating PEP device or flutter PEP device, as it creates oscillatory vibrations that aid in mucus clearance.

The acapella medical device is easy to use and can be adjusted to accommodate any patient's lung capacity. This makes the acapella PEP device a beneficial tool for positive expiratory pressure therapy and acapella therapy. It's considered a top-tier acapella vibratory PEP mucus clearance device and is often compared to the Aerobika PEP device and VibraPEP therapy device.

The acapella airway clearance device, sometimes referred to as the acapella pulmonary device or the acapella lung device, can be used in any position, whether sitting, standing, or reclining, offering flexibility during PEP breathing exercises. The vibratory PEP therapy provided by this device aids in loosening and moving respiratory secretions, making it an essential tool for those needing PEP airway clearance.

When it comes to pricing, the acapella device price is justified by its quality and effectiveness. The acapella choice vibratory PEP device is also known for its durability and is autoclavable, boilable, and dishwasher safe, making it the best PEP device in terms of ease of cleaning. Users can also purchase replacement mouthpieces for the acapella device, ensuring its longevity.

The acapella therapy device is designed to be used with a mouthpiece or mask and can be used with an inline nebulizer when fitted with a tee adapter. This makes it a versatile device for positive expiratory therapy, especially for those with bronchiectasis, where PEP devices like the acapella valve green, acapella DM, or acapella DH can be crucial.

In summary, the acapella® Choice Vibratory PEP Therapy System is a revolutionary acapella medical device, designed for patients needing PEP therapy. Whether it's called the acapella device green, acapella COPD device, or acapella vibratory PEP device, this device is a crucial tool for those needing pulmonary treatment, providing an effective and easy-to-use solution for respiratory therapy.